The aim of this service is to make it very easy for anyone to recycle with more than 6 tonnes going into landfill every 10 minutes here in Australia, we come direct to your door and to help stop the huge amount of clothing going to waste

Place your bags in the designated area organised through your booking.

You receive your booking number along with your booking confirmation via email. We use this number to keep track of your order and make sure you receive your collection service. 
The number also identifies you if you need to contact us about your booking, so make sure you keep the number handy.

You can use any sturdy plastic or garbage bags that you have around the house. Bags can be purchased from your local supermarket or convenience shop. Please don’t forget to double bag your items.

No. Please make sure your collection is in a visible location so we can collect your items.

It is important that your collection contains only the items we do accept, and that they are in a wearable condition. Please review our page here to see what these items are. Placing the wrong items out for collection could result in restrictions for further bookings with us.

No please only use plastic bags to ensure your collection is not weather damaged.

As many as you like. Our collection vans are now servicing all year round. Keep checking our website and social to see when we will be in your area next.

Our service is completely free.