Clothing For All

A third world exists where there is a great need for the supply of quality used clothing and accessories. By donating your good quality wearable clothing and accessories you are in fact recycling and used clothing is a valuable carbon neutral commodity. The more clothing can be re-used, less energy is consumed to actually cloth people.

By helping donate your wearable clothing to ACR we are in turn able to provide affordable clothing to people and villages in the Pacific, also reduces landfill and raises awareness in recycling.
Hence we took up the initiative to launch a full fledged business venture focusing on :

  • Active collection of used clothes on a regular/periodic basis.
  • Recycling these clothes so that they can be used again.
  • Supplying and delivering these clothes to agencies across several continents including Asia, Africa, and Australia, as well.
  • Recycling collected cloth materials for further use as cleaning clothes, which sum upto a consistent delivery of over 150,000 Kgs every week.

Collection Bin Management

In view of reducing the use of plastic bags through our day to day collection programs, we have also initiated an eco-drive, by introducing Collection Bins into our collection programs.

This includes :

  • Multiple styled collection bins for efficient , and material specific collection – Single Chute, 2 Chute, 4 Chute.
  • Periodic ,and “On-Request” delivery of collection bins to your site.
  • Period Maintenance and service of Collection Bins, and Clothing Stations, and keeping Bin Locations clean to avoid the location’s visual appeal.
  • Heavy Duty , steel built, Collection Bin containers designed and developed to be sustainable for over 30 years.

You Should Know...

Lifting and Freightage

Each and every donation that you make can be useful to someone. We at ACR ensure that we are never short of resources for minimum or maximum collection. To ensure this is done right, we have equipped ourselves with a wide range of resources including:

  • Lifting & Weighing equipments, like forklifts, operated by highly trained personnel, for heavy/bulk collections.
  • Trucks of various sizes providing regular and consistent collection services with detailed record keeping.
  • Specialised racking and cages along with sorting facilities to enable all goods collected to be recycled efficiently.

Municipal Waste Management

The main method of Waste Disposal in Australia is through Landfill. Currently unwanted clothing and textiles contributes between 4-5% of the total landfill waste, not to mention the additional waste which includes shoes, accessories and other items which were thrown away after use. The amount of waste we generate and its actual or potential negative affects on the environment, are matters of great concern to government, industry and the community.
As part of a waste management initiative :

  • We have begun to collect other wearable items apart from clothing that include the likes of Shoes, Handbags, Bags, Bed Linen, Towels, etc all of which can be recycled.
  • We check with the quality of the Collected item to understand if it can be re-used, or needs to be recycled.
  • Any item classified to be of no use, is disposed under strict waste management policies.

NGO & Corporate Services

While our initiative helps us make the planet a cleaner place, it also helps us serve profitable and non profitable organizations.

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